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The #1 Community Designed To Help You Transform Your Life Through Crypto & NFTs

Master Yourself & Life
Upgrade Your Mindset, Level Up Your Habits, Transform Your Reality
Master Crypto
Learn How To Buy, Sell, Trade and Make Money From Cryptocurrency Investing
Master NFT's
Learn How To Spot, Buy, Sell, and Make Money From NFT Projects

Next Gen Millionaires Curriculum 

Week 1

  • How To Master Your Mind
  • ​How To Tap Into Abundance Mentality
  • ​Dream Life Vision Mapping
  • ​How To Master Your Habits
  • ​How To Master & Transform Your Life w/ Crypto

Week 2

  • Start To Finish NFT Crash Course
  • ​How To Find Profitable NFT Projects
  • The Secrets To Flipping NFTs 
  • How To Buy, Sell and Make Money with NFT'S​

Week 3

  • How To Create Wealth Through Crypto Investing 
  • ​Understanding How Money Works
  • ​The Basics Of Cryptocurrency
  • ​How To Find And Invest In Potential Coins
  • ​Long Term Investing & Technical Analysis

Week 4

  • Empire Building Mindset & Trading Psychology
  • ​How To Manage, Secure And Grow Your Crypto Investments
  • How To Manage, Secure And Grow Your NFT Portfolio
  • ​Strategies To Scale Your Wealth
About The Instructor
Matt Lorion
To put it simply... crypto and NFTs have changed my life.

Where do I even start?  At 17 I became a millionaire through investing in crypto.

Ever since, I've gone on to make millions of dollars trading and investing into cryptocurrencies and NFT's.

I've also gone on to create my own successful NFT project known as Blockworld PVP.

I am a firm believer that crypto & NFTs are the biggest opportunity our generation has to make life changing wealth, which is why I created this program.

This is the program I wished I had when I started my journey.  I created it in the hopes that you are able to experience the impact this new emerging technology can have on your life. 

What You Will Get 
When You Join Next Gen Millionares

Training Videos

  • Exclusive, in-depth  content to help you master the world of Crypto & NFT's
  • ​Every lesson is designed to help you not just learn but take action on what you are learning
  • ​Go above-and-beyond TikTok videos and dive into the strategies, tactics, and techniques that have helped Matt and countless others create amazing lives for themselves through crypto & NFT's.

Live Calls

  • Join Matt on an weekly, exclusive, members-only live Q & A call where you will be able to ask him questions directly!
  • ​Get your personal questions answered, and get instant live feedback from Matt and the community
  • ​Listen-in and create reference points for how others are capitalizing on this space.


  • Your environment and the people you surround yourself with have a massive influence on how you see the world, the actions you take and the person you become. Perhaps, the most valuable thing about joining The Next Gen Millionaires program is the access to the community where you will be able to  connect with other ambitious people who are not settling for average. 
  • ​​This is the only community with exclusive content and insider access to Matt and his network.
How To Create Your Own NFT Project
  • In this bonus you will learn everything you need to know to create market and push your own crypto token.
  • ​Everything from the strategy to the tech is covered in this bonus of the program. 
To Be Announced
  • This sweet bonus will be a surprise for those inside of the N.G.M coaching experience. Just know that this bonus will not dissapoint.
Frequently Asked Questions
How Is This Different From TikTok?
With TikTok  you’re only getting 5% of what I can actually teach you, I can't really go into the depth needed to get results in 60 second videos. This program is packed hundreds of hours of research and years of life experience that I would never be able to fit into a TikTok video.
Will I get to talk Matt personally?
Yes! During the course of this experience I will do weekly Q&A calls with everyone that has access to the the program where I’ll answer your most burning questions (LIVE)  and we'll get to interact and hangout. You can also use the community to ask me and other members and staff in the program questions.
When does the first week of the program start?
You will get access to the program , the community and Matt right away. The program is a set up in a way were you can approach it at your own pace.
How can I tell if this is for me?
If you are a person who recognizes the massive opportunity crypto, NFT's  and the whole world of web3 offers and you want to become proficient in this world, this program is for you.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, if you buy into the program and don't like what you see, let us know within 7 day of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your money. Simply email 
How do I know this will work for me?
The lessons taught in this program are a culmination of all of my life experience, plus my learnings from studying and being mentored by some of the most successful people in the world. As well as thousands of hours of research on how to MAXIMIZE your results in the world of crypto.  The content inside of this program is what allowed me to become a multi-millionare at the age of 18. While I can show you the way, I can't guarantee your success in this space. That's on you. That is why there's a whole section dedicated to mindset, habits and becoming the best version of yourself.
What if I'm broke and  have little to no money to invest in crypto or NFT's?
That is the beauty of crypto and NFT's. You don't need large amounts of money to get started. You can get started with as little as $10 USD.
How long do I have access to the program?
 You will have access to the program and the community for life! This means you can take as long as you need to master the program and transform your life. 
How long is the program?
The program lasts a total of 4 weeks.
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